Ice Bath Garden Design Ideas

Incorporate your ice bath or stock tank into your garden's design with these ideas for turning it into a feature that fits in with everything else.
Ice Bath Garden Ideas

Ice Bath Garden Design Ideas

Your garden is the perfect place to put your ice bath. You don’t have to worry about any mess and it won’t take up space that you can’t afford to lose indoors. The only issue is that if you simply place a tub anywhere outside, it could end up looking like it’s not there on purpose. Instead of having a useful garden feature, it could look like you’ve just dumped a tub you no longer want in the middle of your garden.

If you want to avoid making your garden look like a dumpsite, you can incorporate your ice bath more. Instead of looking out of place, it will be an intentional part of your garden that you have chosen to include as part of its design.

To achieve this, you can design your garden with a range of other features that help to create a complete garden design and give you an outdoor living space.

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Make your ice bath part of your garden

Instead of simply placing a free-standing ice bath wherever you have space, you can think about how to make it part of your garden. An outdoor tub is a slightly more unusual garden feature, but it’s definitely not unheard of. If you don’t want the tub to be simply standing there, consider a sunken design. This will require digging into the ground, but the result will be a lower profile and a slightly more discreet installation.

You don’t necessarily have to hide the bath away, though. There are other ways to include it in your garden design. In fact, you can draw attention to it if you want to. It’s a good idea if you place it on stable ground, so you might want to put it on your patio or deck.

Consider not placing it too far from the door if you want to be able to get in and out quickly. You will probably want to create some privacy too, so think about putting it in a secluded corner, using plants around it, or even using a screen or fencing to create a private area.

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Set up some outdoor lighting

Setting up lighting in your garden enables you to use it more. You can light up your garden when it’s darker and still enjoy it in the evenings or even early mornings. It can light your way if you want to take an ice bath or just provide you with some soft lighting if you want to relax outdoors.

Permanent outdoor lighting could be wired in, but there are also other options. Solar lights will save energy by charging during the day. You can often set them to come on automatically at night. You can place outdoor lighting in different locations in your garden to brighten it up and create the right atmosphere. Outdoor lighting is also great for improving the security around your home.

Add an outdoor sound system

Turning your garden into a sensory experience can make it more of a fun or relaxing space to be. An outdoor sound system can add something special to your garden and allow you to use it in lots of different ways.

You could play relaxing music for meditation, yoga, or any other activities that you want to use to unwind. If you want to work out outside, you can set up your workout music to do so. Or you could play music when you have guests over and you’re having a party or barbecue.

Installing an outdoor sound system means ensuring your speakers are weatherproof so they can stay outside all year. You can get Bluetooth or wireless systems so you’re able to control your music, and you can mount your speaks wherever you want.

It’s a good idea to think about soundproofing and acoustics. While you might want to listen to music, your neighbours might not be so keen. With the right installation and some soundproofing tricks, you can keep your music to yourself.

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Create an outdoor seating area

If you want to use your garden more, an outdoor seating area will give you somewhere to sit and enjoy it. You could set up a dining area if you like using the garden to eat during the summer. A living space with sofas and chairs is another option if you want to create a comfortable space to sit.

There are lots of different styles and seating arrangements you can consider to set up the perfect space for sitting outdoors. You could also cover your seating area so you can use it in different weather conditions. Create shading to sit under when it’s sunny outside or use an awning to provide you with shelter for when it’s raining.

Install a fire pit

A fire pit can make a great centrepiece for your outdoor seating area. You can have your fire pit in the middle and place your seating around it to create the perfect space to sit with friends or family. Being able to safely light a fire outdoors means you can keep the space warm when it starts to cool down.

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You can use your firepit to do everything from toasting marshmallows to sitting around it and having important discussions. Fire pits come in lots of styles too, so you can choose one that’s modern or has a more traditional style.

Plan your landscaping

Not everyone wants to have plants in their garden. If you want it to be low-maintenance, you might stick to hardscaping. However, if you do want to start planting, you can plan your landscaping along with the design of the rest of your garden.

Plants are a great thing to consider when you’re planning a garden with an ice bath because you can use them to create privacy. They’re also excellent for adding a sense of calm to your garden, making it a great place to relax whenever you want to.

If you’re planning on adding an ice bath to your garden, you can incorporate it into the design so that it’s an attractive feature to admire.

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