About Us

"Consistency is the great creator"

I love this quote, it’s so true. Because it’s only in consistency when you can start to implement change. Real change.

I know, because I’ve been there.

I’m Ryan – problem solver, inventor, world record holder, weekend warrior, dad and founder of Urban Ice Tribe.  

My journey into the ice began when my dad got sick. Becoming his health mentor I searched for holistic ways to help him, from juice diets to breathing techniques, I dived into it all and it was here when I realised that there was a very alternative way of being than what i had experienced so far.

If I’m honest, at this time, I wasn’t appreciating myself or my body and I realised I was turning to unhealthy means as a form of relief.

I wanted something better. 

I strived to be more for my son.  

Getting in the cold

In 2020, during lockdown I got into my first frozen barrel for the first time as a way to help improve my mental health. The cold water instantly grounded me. I felt present in a way I’d never felt before. I moved from a barrel to a freezer and the inspiration for Urban Ice Tribe began.  

I’d found my thing. 

I needed to find a tribe to share it with.  

A natural problem solver, I set about trying every bath out there to find the ideal solution to Urban ice therapy.

I made the first prototype using a pop up litter bag. Since then we have continued to evolve and now have a modular product range which proudly includes the most efficient i ice bath control system that can cool down to as low as 2 degrees.

Our mission is to create a movement – a global ice tribe. Leading a sustainable and global brand which makes an impact to people’s lives and their mental health. This is what gets me up and into the ice every morning. 

We aim to make our tribal offerings accessible to as many people as possible, cultivating a community of heart centred humans within the tribe.

The Urban Ice Tribe Method - conscious cold water meditation

You may have heard of cold water therapy. It’s probably how you found yourself here. Researching the options available to you. We have created our own layer of this and we call it cold water meditation.

There are so many health benefits, check out our blog here for more details.

When I’m asked, I simply say, “Because it feels good.”

It’s about your own individual experience. Try it and see what happens.

How your health changes.

How you can physically experience something you’ve never experienced before.

For me it’s about feeling the cold – because it’s a bit like life.

You experience it fully you need to allow yourself to feel it

To feel all the emotions. The full spectrum, even those that we might class as bad

This is conscious cold water therapy, it’s about going deeper.

You’ll hit the resistance – but this is just the beginning of your journey.

This is the start of the next version of you.

Life can be noisy. 

I know first hand how it’s so easy to get lost in the noise. 

To flourish we need to learn to ‘be more human’ as natural lifestylist Tony Riddle would say. To connect. To ground. To be present in each new moment.  

Cold water therapy allows you to quieten the noise. 

Trust me, it’s an aliveness you may have never felt before, or maybe you did a very long time ago, before all of the layers of life started to build up on top of you.

When you go into cold water it’s a forced presence – you have no choice but to clear your mind and feel the cold against your skin. Its your choice as to whether you allow yourself to soften into it or not. 

To feel the cold. To experience it fully. But with a sense of ease.

To connect with your breath. 

Once you’re submerged you’re in and once you’ve connected with this feeling you have a route map to find your way back.

Because once you’ve experienced this, you know there are tools to help you. Tools to experience the doorway to presence in each new moment. 

Building a community

I’m driven by community, they say it takes a village to raise a child. Many of us no longer have a village, a community to be part of. To raise our families, to find support and safety. We are social animals and if we do not fulfil this part of our basic need to connect we will continue to get sick. 

My drive for community is driven by my own desire to feel it in my own life, for myself and my loved ones. 

Community only exists when we show up for each other consistently, whether it be for a sports team, to pray, or for a circle around a fire. Our tribe are the people that we consistently have around us. They show to give, to take or to simply witness. 

If you’re ready to feel part of something greater than you, whether that’s by starting a cold water daily practice, breathwork techniques, or taking part in one of our cold water community events, our tribe is waiting for you. 

So much more than a product

Urban Ice Tribe offers a 360 holistic journey of cold water therapy. Yes we offer the product – a product we’re incredibly proud and passionate about – but when you buy an ice tribe product you become part of the urban ice tribe community.

The products are developed for a community of people we care about. 

From where our products and their component parts are made to the people and influencers we work with, care is taken with every single element.  

It’s about the people. The community. The experience. 

Your tribe is waiting. 

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