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We’ve got you covered! For everything you need to know about using and taking care of your stock tank, check out our Stock tank User Guide.

Our tank covers are made bespoke to each tank and are shipped separately so should arrive within 10 days of receiving the tank. If you haven’t received your cover within 10 days, please get in touch at orders@urbanicetribe.com 

We’ll get your new stock tanks to you within 14 days from the date of your order. A 48hr (Mon-Fri) dispatch service is available at checkout for an additional charge of £60. If you order a cover, that’ll be with you within 10 days of your tank being dispatched (covers are made to order your tank). Once the tank is ready for dispatch, we’ll send you a tracking number and / or you’ll be contacted by our courier company. Any problems, let us know.

POP UP orders are usually dispatched within 2 working days on next day delivery via DPD.  You will receive a tracking number via sms.

We ship tanks to all UK postcodes. Please note there may be a small surcharge for 6ft and 7ft tanks being delivered to remote postcodes.

There’s a small drainage point on the lower rear edge of the tank which can be easily removed using a convenient tool that comes free with every tank.

For instructions (with photos) on how to drain your tank, take a look at page 9 of our Stock Tank User Guide

Our Lever taps also assist with drainage and allow easy connections to hose pipes. These are available to purchase on our website.

Both the 4ft or 5ft oblongs are ideal for most people for single person use. Our founder, Ryan, is 6ft 5 and regularly uses a 4ft tank. It’s big enough to fully submerge and still super-efficient with water and cooling. 

If minimal space is a priority and efficiency is a priority I would recommend the 4ft for single person use and the 5ft to give more space and option for a 2 person dip. Did you know our tanks can also double as a hot tub?

Our super space saver is our 3ft Oblong and it is big enough for someone up to 6ft 5 to fit in and submerge up to the neck covering the knees at the same time.

We can ship any of our accessories (covers, headrests, thermometers etc) and pop up ice bath to the UK, Ireland and America, however, we’re currently unable to ship our tanks outside of the UK and Ireland due to size and weight.

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