Are Cold Showers Before Bed the Key to Better Sleep Quality?

a person taking a cold shower

If you’re pondering taking cold showers before bed, you might be onto something. Skip the suspense—this article dives straight into how cold showers before bed can influence your sleep quality, examining the balance of body temperature and relaxation needed for a good night’s rest. Key Takeaways The Chilling Truth: Cold Showers Before Hitting the Pillow […]

Ice Bath Garden Design Ideas

Ice Bath Garden Ideas

Incorporate your ice bath or stock tank into your garden’s design with these ideas for turning it into a feature that fits in with everything else.

5 key lifestyle changes for a happier life

Happy mind, happy life

If you want to improve your life in 2022, becoming healthier and happier should be at the top of your agenda. Learn how to make it happen with ice baths and other simple upgrades.

Becoming The Best Version Of You

You can’t go back to change the beginning

Becoming The Best Version Of You Whatever you want to achieve in life, the self discovery process will maximise your hopes of success. Better still, the self discovery journey is one that should make you happier too. Now is the time to find your true self in style. The Awakening: It’s You Versus You On […]