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As well as being able to buy our tanks and products, we also offer a hire service where you  can loan our innovative cold water equipment for use at events, festivals, TV and film production. 

You may be amazed where our products have been featured. 

From reality TV shows to adverts for your favourite sporting brands, Urban Ice Tribe products are proud to have been seen on the big screen. 

We’ve supplied our tanks and cooler systems, as well as fake ice and water storage tanks to TV shows including Piers Morgan’s Uncensored TV show and Channel 4 reality show, Rise and Fall, as well as adverts for Adidas, Nike, Whoop and Underarmour and live events for Vivo Barefoot. 

We also helped The England Rugby Union team prepare for the Rugby World Cup 2023, hiring out our full team stock tank ice bath chiller system for use at their training camps.   

We specialise in being able to get what our customers need quickly. As we carry stock of all our tanks here in the UK, we’re able to work to tight deadlines and timeframes.  

Alongside being able to supply our Awaken range of oblong ice tanks and our round Tribe tanks, we can also supply up to 1000L of fresh water, heated or cooled to your desired temperature along with the most realistic floating fake ice available in the UK. 

To discuss your requirements complete the enquiry form below and we can prepare a bespoke quote for what you need.

Proud to have worked with

Ice Bath Hire

Case Studies

Hire and management of five x 5ft oblong steel stock tank ice baths and five wedge chiller units to maintain a water temperature of 8 degrees as part of a challenge for the Rise and Fall contestants to take part in. This took place over two days at Studio Lambert Filming Studios in London.

Rise and Fall, Channel 4 reality TV show

Hire and management of one 5ft oblong stock tank ice bath, as well as 20kg of floating fake ice and clean potable water heated to 32 degrees for the comfort of the actress. This took place at the Bowlers exhibition warehouse in Manchester.

under armour
Underarmour Advert

Hire and management of one 6ft round Stock tank ice bath with a wedge temperature control system to maintain the water temperature at 5 degrees for a cold water therapy corporate team building event in London.

vivo logo
Vivo Event

Hire of three 6ft extra wide oblong stock tanks for a Nike advert set inside the changing room of Wimbledon’s Football ground. We also supplied 100kg of fake floating ice.


Hire of our 6ft round stock tank with a headrest for use in the filming of a well known advert for Whoop- a well known fitness tracking tech company - featuring Virgil Van Dijk.


Loan of our 5ft oblong stock tank ice bath for a News piece alongside Piers Morgan interviewing Wim Hof about cold water therapy. We received this enquiry at midday and had the stock tank with the TV studio within a few hours ready for their news piece which went out live at 8pm that same day.

Piers Morgan Uncensored TV show

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