AQUA-L 3.5 water circulation pump and filter system


AQUA-L 3.5 Water Circulation Pump and Filter conversion kit

Aqua L3.5 – the perfect companion for ice baths. This innovative water circulation and filter system is designed to deliver clear water with maximum efficiency.

Breathe new life into your cold water immersion routine, as Aqua L3.5 removes debris, keeping your water pristine for longer periods.

Being environmentally friendly, Aqua L3.5 doesn’t compromise your comfort or the planet. It’s the ultimate solution for those who value cleanliness and sustainability.

Plus, it pairs seamlessly with the Wedge Temperature control system, creating the perfect, controlled environment for your cold water dips.

– Efficient water circulation
– High-performance filtration system
– Compatible with Wedge Temperature control system
– Environmentally friendly design
– Extend the clarity of your water
– Easy to install and operate
– Ideal for ice baths
– Removes debris efficiently.

Upgrade to Aqua L3.5, and witness a revolution in your ice bath experience.


AQUA-L 3.5 Water Circulation Pump and Filter conversion kit

Aqua L3.5, is a revolutionary water circulation and filter system for your ice bath. Designed to be both efficient and environmentally friendly, this system takes your water maintenance regimen to the next level.

The Aqua L3.5 is engineered to expertly circulate your ice bath water, removing unwanted debris with ease. Its superior filtration prowess ensures your water stays clearer for longer, drastically reducing the need for constant water changes and saving you time and resources.

But that’s not all. The Aqua L3.5 is not just about efficiency; it also upholds a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Its energy-efficient operation means you’ll be saving on your energy bills while also doing your bit for the environment.

The Aqua L3.5 is also designed for seamless compatibility with the Wedge Temperature control system. This powerful duo works harmoniously, providing you with crystal clear, perfectly tempered water, enhancing your ice bath or hot tub experience like never before.

Invest in the Aqua L3.5 water circulation and filter system and transform your routine water management into a breeze. This system promises a cleaner, more comfortable, and more sustainable way to enjoy your ice baths and hot tubs. Immerse in the difference today!

• Efficient and environmentally friendly way of circulating your ice bath or hot tub water to remove debris and keep your water clearer for longer
• Can be used as part of a total temperature control system when purchased with THE WEDGE family of temperature control units.
• Pump can be wired into THE WEDGE temperature control unit to allow total control through the smart phone app or LCD unit on THE WEDGE.
• Our AQUA-L 3.5 all in one pump and filter system uses Aqualoon Poly Filter ball technology.
• Very low maintenance – filter media only requires cleaning or changing every 2-3 years.
• Environmentally friendly efficient design allows filter balls to be washed in conventional washing machines and re-used.
• Can be used as part of a water hygiene maintenance plan with additives like chlorine or bromine.
• 3000l/h pump flow rate
• Low noise output for optimal comfort
• Includes instructions and online support for self-set up
• Includes 28g of Aqualoon Poly filter media
• Includes hole cutter or optional hole cutting service when bought with a tank
• Includes tank connectors suitable for wall thickness of up to 10mm

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 52.5 cm


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