Osprey Neoprene Glove 3mm


Perfect for wild swimming, cold water dips, ice baths, paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing and any other water based sport or fitness, the Osprey 3mm Wetsuit Glove is an essential for warmth and comfort while spending time in cold water.

The glove has a 3mm thickness for dexterity and comfort, plus flatlock stitch for ease of movement and minimal rubbing or chafing.

The gloves have a PU palm grip, which allows you to hold onto your board, oar or anything else you need to get the most out of your water based activities.

They maintain warmth, which is ideal for all weather activities and comfort.

  • 3mm Ultra-Flex Neoprene
  • Printed PU Palm Grip
  • Flatlock stitched for comfort
  • 3mm thickness
  • Perfect for surfing, kayaking and more
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Osprey Neoprene Glove 3mm

If you’re spending long periods of time in cold temperature water, wetsuit gloves quickly become essential. Our bodies reduce blood flow and lose heat the fastest through our extremities, including our hands and our feet, which means that covering them and maintaining heat in these areas is essential in cold environments. This is where the Osprey 3mm Wetsuit Glove can come into play.

Wetsuit gloves help maintain warmth in the hands, reducing issues such as numbness, pins and needles and general pain while in the water. This can help you to maintain comfort, genuinely enjoy yourself and maximise your ability, performance and amount of time you are able to stay in the water.

The gloves are specially crafted from 3mm thick neoprene, which helps to maintain heat and retain warmth in your hands, retaining a good temperature within the glove. Reducing direct exposure to cold water helps too. Of course, neoprene is also a durable material which will stand the test of time, meaning you can rely on these gloves year in and year out in regular conditions.

The 3mm thickness ensures comfort while avoiding reduced mobility through excessive thickness. The gloves are ultra flexible and malleable, allowing you to get the use out of them that you need or desire.

In terms of grip, these gloves feature a PU printed palm grip, which ensures that rather than turning your hands into a slick and smooth surface, you are able to hold onto whatever you need while in the water. Whether that’s your friend’s hand, your paddle board, snorkelling gear, a kayak oar or anything else.

For improved comfort, the gloves also have flatline stitching. This makes them more streamlined and better fitted to your hand, reducing rubbing or chaffing that can quickly become a problem with frequent wear.

Available in a neutral tone of black, they will match well into any existing gear you have. They are subtle, comfortable and provide you with everything you could possibly need from a pair of wetsuit gloves.

  • 3mm Ultra-Flex Glove
  • Neoprene Printed PU Palm Grip
  • Flatlock Stitched for Comfort
  • Maintain Warmth
  • 3mm Thickness

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