Kindling Cracker Original Set


Kindling Cracker Original Set

Bundle includes:
– Kindling Cracker Original
– Kindling Cracker Hammer
– Natural Firelighters

Kindling Cracker Original

Kindling Cracker Original - your essential firewood splitter. This phenomenal tool is designed to make splitting firewood safe, easy, and efficient. Whether you're prepping for your Urban Ice Tribe Sauna Tent or stoking your fireplace, it's the perfect accessory.

Say goodbye to dangerous axes. The Kindling Cracker Original offers a safer, more effective solution for splitting your kindling and firewood. Designed to accommodate firewood up to 16cm in diameter, it's a compact yet powerful tool.

Crafted in an Australian foundry, the Kindling Cracker Original is made of top-grade, recycled cast iron. The foundry is committed to sustainability, using over 60% renewable energy and aiming for 100% by 2030.

With a 5-year warranty, this cracker is not only easy to use but virtually maintenance-free. Plus, its eco-friendly packaging, featuring plant-based print materials, adds a green touch.

For larger wood pieces, upgrade to the Kindling Cracker King.

- Easy and safe firewood splitting
- Suitable for wood up to 16cm in diameter
- Constructed from top-grade, recycled cast iron
- Manufactured in a sustainable Australian foundry
- 5-year warranty
- Virtually maintenance-free
- Eco-friendly packaging
- Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 31 cm
- Safety ring inside diameter: 16.5 cm
- Weight: 4.8 kg

Kindling Cracker Hammer

Kindling Cracker Hammer - your perfect partner for splitting wood for your Urban Ice Tribe Sauna Tent.

This robust hammer, with its forged steel head and hickory shaft, promises durability and precision.

Its striking face, beautifully polished and powder-coated, ensures a clean split every time.

The varnished handle resists both water and dirt, enhancing the hammer's longevity.

Weighing just 1.55kg, it's easy to handle, making your wood splitting task feel light and effortless.

- Forged steel head for superior durability
- Hickory shaft for reliable strength
- Polished, powder-coated striking face for clean splits
- Varnished handle for water and dirt resistance
- Lightweight at 1.55kg for easy handling
- Perfect companion to the Kindling Cracker.

Natural Firelighters

Ignite the warmth with Natural Firelighters. These power-packed firelighters are your ultimate companion in starting fires quickly for your Sauna Tent.

Crafted from 100% natural wood shavings, these firelighters come straight from eco-friendly forests. They are easy to light, devoid of harmful chemicals, and ensure a long burn time of 8-10 minutes, making them the perfect choice for all your fire needs.

Infused with stearin and paraffin wax, these firelighters weigh only 500g and come in a handy pack of 32. Enjoy the heat without the hassle with our Natural Firelighters.

- Quick and Easy Lighting
- 100% Natural Wood Shavings
- Sourced from Ecologically Sustainable Forestry
- Free from Harmful Chemicals
- Long Burn Time (8-10 minutes)
- Ideal for Sauna Tents, Fireplaces, Wood-Burning Stoves, Grills, and Pizza Ovens
- Contains Stearin and Paraffin Wax
- Pack of 32 Pieces