A Beginners Guide To Meditation

Beginners Guide to Meditation - Urban Ice Man

Looking to introduce meditation to your life but don’t know where to start? Check out this simple guide for beginners to gain the answers that you desire.

Benefits of Meditation

Urban Ice Man - Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful practice that can help reduce stress and eliminate negative thoughts. Here are some of the biggest benefits to know about.

What is a conscious walk?

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What is a conscious walk? Life can be stressful no matter who you are. Our jobs can create a great deal of anxiety and our personal relationships can lead to stressful situations if they’re not managed correctly. Thankfully, there are practices like meditation that can help us increase our self-awareness while also reducing negative emotions. […]

Is Wim Hof Method healthy?

Breathe fresh air in nature.

You may not know anything about the Wim Hof method or if you have, you might be wondering, is wim hof method healthy? Overall, it is a process or method that has a lot of benefits if you’re willing to give it a try.

What is grounding meditation?

What is grounding meditation

Grounding entails re-establishing contact with and reconnecting with life. You must return to your centre point, your wholeness, your completeness, and your sense of self in order to be happy and fulfilled in your life. It is a method of re-establishing a physical connection with one’s physical self through a reconnection with the physical environment.