THE WEDGE 10.0 Temp Control & AQUA-L 3.0 Filter System Bundle


“A brilliant system, works a dream.” Shaun

Probably the most powerful, sustainable and cost effective ice bath chiller in THE WORLD!

The bundle you need for the ultimate temperature control system.

The wedge 10.0 will give you an even greater cold water experience as it cools even quicker and more efficiently than the wedge 8.0 and 6.0.

Tribe member Leon told us, for him, it was a game changer.

Not only because it allows you to adjust the temperature through the app on your phone while you’re out, it also keeps the water clean and clear,

The Wedge efficiently controls the temperature between 2 to 40 degrees, which means you can control the temperature to be just as you like it.

While the AQUA-L 3.0 Water Circulation Pump and Filter conversion kit allows you to not only control but pump, so your water is not only the perfect temperature but is clean and clear.


THE WEDGE 10.0 Temp Control & AQUA-L 3.0 Filter System Bundle

THE WEDGE 10.0 Temperature Control Unit with Smart App is WI-Fi connected and can be conveniently controlled using our app from your smartphone

  • Controlled by a SMART app with timer all from your phone
  • Efficiently controls temperature between 2-40 degrees
  • High powered cooling capacity of 8.0kw and Heating of 10.0kw
  • Highly Efficient design and COP
  • IPX4 rated for use outdoors all year round
  • Switches off as soon as it reaches required temperature
  • Easy to use LCD screen on the unit for ON/OFF or timer settings.
  • Integrates pump and filter control so that the whole system only runs when you want it to
  • Quiet and discreet 29db sound at 10m
  • Compact Design with stylish corrosion-resistant black ABS plastic casing
  • Standard UK plug (230v) with integral RCD fitted for optimal safety
  • Operates in ambient temperatures down to -15 degrees C
  • Salt and chlorine resistant long life titanium heat exchanger
  • Environmentally friendly R32 gas refrigerant
  • Parts and labour warranty of 3 years on THE WEDGE 10, 8.0 and 6.0
  • Extended heat exchanger and compressor warranty of 7 years (parts only after 3rd year)
  • Includes connectors and upgraded 38mm hoses for easy connection to our filter systems


AQUA-L 3.0 Water Circulation Filter Pump and conversion kit for our UIT oblong and round tanks

  • Efficient and environmentally friendly way of circulating your ice bath or hot tub water to remove debris and keep your water clearer for longer
  • Can be used as part of a total temperature control system when purchased with THE WEDGE family of temperature control units.
  • Pump can be wired into THE WEDGE temperature control unit to allow total control through the smart phone app or LCD unit on THE WEDGE. Does not need to run 24/7 making it more efficient and sustainable. Simply set to come on only when you want it to.
  • Our AQUA-L 3.0 all in one pump and filter system uses Aqualoon Poly Filter ball technology.
  • Very low maintenance – filter media only requires cleaning or changing every 2-3 years.
  • Environmentally friendly efficient design allows filter balls to be washed in conventional washing machine and re-used.
  • Can be used as part of a water hygiene maintenance plan with additives like chlorine or bromine.
  • 3000l/h pump flow rate
  • Low noise output for optimal comfort
  • Includes instructions and online support for self-set up
  • Includes 28g of Aqualoon Poly filter media
  • Includes hole cutter or optional hole cutting service when bought with a tank
  • Includes tank connectors suitable for wall thickness of up to 10mm



  • Parts and labour warranty of 3 years on THE WEDGE 10.0
  • Extended heat exchanger and compressor warranty of 7 years (parts only after 3rd year)
  • 12 month limited warranty on the Aqua 3.0 pump and connectors



Our system is plug and play so you just need access to a 240V socket and be within WIFI range to make full use of the app that can be uploaded to any smart phone.

The Wedge range is IPX4 protected and designed for use outdoors and indoors. It’s at its most efficient when it has adequate circulation of air available around it. It’s recommended to allow for a clear footprint space of 2.2m x 2.2m and a clear vertical headroom of 1m. Please let us know if you’re uncertain about having the correct space and we can help you make an assessment.

Follow the simple step-by-step self set up guide provided or have one of our experienced engineers complete your setup for you.

Follow the simple instructions to set up a wifi connection and download the app to your smartphone.

Use the app to set on and off timers so you know you’ll have a cold ice bath waiting for you as part of your morning or evening routine.

Use the same timer to set a regular filter flush of the tank to help maintain the freshness of the water. We recommend you run a flush for 6-12 hours per week depending upon use.

Check your filter media every 2-3 years and simply wash in a machine on a cool wash to refresh and replace making this super convenient, efficient and sustainable for the environment.

A full user guide and on demand customer service is always available to support you in getting the most out of your Wedge system and cold water experience.



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