Oblong Ice Bath | Stock Tank

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Oblong Ice Bath | Stock Tank

Plunge into the perfect ice bath with this Oblong Ice Bath | Stock Tank. Originally designed for agriculture, it’s made to be durable and easy to use, with excellent sealing and simple draining action. As such, you can enjoy the perfect ice bath or plunge indoors or outdoors without worry.

Steel oblong stock tanks made in Nebraska, USA. Our stock tanks make the ideal ice bath for cold water immersion, suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Manufactured in Nebraska USA
  • Feature 4-ply locked seams with contained sealant
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Built for easy draining


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Steel Oblong Ice Bath - UK Stock from Urban Ice Man
Price: £430.00


Oblong Ice Bath | Stock Tank

There are countless benefits that come hand in hand with having an ice bath | stock tank at home and now is a better time than ever to invest in one. The sooner you have your own, the sooner you can get regular use out of it. The Oblong Ice Bath is crafted in Nebraska, USA, to the highest standards, so you can guarantee it’s a quality investment.

Its simple design makes it well suited to near enough any home and aesthetic. Whether that’s a rustic house, a traditional cottage or a more modern and contemporary living space.

This oblong stock tank is multipurpose, functioning perfectly as an ice bath, but also usable as a dip tank, plunge pool, water trough or paddling pool. These are all ideal options for maximizing your health and wellbeing. For an ice bath application, simply locate it in a convenient spot within your outdoor space and fill with ice water as and when required.

Alternatively, it can also prove to be an impressive vegetable box or above ground garden for the green fingered amongst us. If you’re into wildlife, you can transform it into an above-ground fish pond, filling it with water and greenery to create a healthy eco-system that will attract birds, amphibians and more local creatures.

You can count on this tank to stand the test of time. It is hardy, durable and designed for longevity in the outdoors. It is made from 0.91mm G90 steel with 4 ply locked seams and smooth crush-proof finish. You will also benefit from its 19mm zinc coating, so you needn’t worry about leaving it outdoors, come rain, shine, snow or any other elements.

You have two options when it comes to the water you use in the tank. It features a threaded plug assembly, which allows the tank to be drained as and when required. We also stock tank covers, if you want to maintain the water in the tank between uses.

Manufactured in Nebraska USA to the highest standards and provide the perfect ice bath or plunge pool and can be used inside or outdoors.

Please Note: Stock tanks are primarily made for commercial livestock use, and due to their agricultural nature they may have imperfections such as small dents and scratches. Any such marks will in no way affect the durability of the tanks and should be viewed in the context of their agricultural origins. The size of the tanks may vary up to 10cm from the specified dimensions.

  • 0.91mm G90 steel
  • 4 ply locked seams
  • Smooth crush-proof finish
  • Threaded plug assembly for drainage
  • Manufactured in Nebraska, USA

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2.5ft x 2ft x 7ft, 2.5ft x 2ft x 6ft, 2ft x 2ft x 6ft, 2ft x 2ft x 5ft, 2ft x 2ft x 4ft, 2ft x 2ft x 3ft

12 reviews for Oblong Ice Bath | Stock Tank

  1. Mo P

    I have been practicing cold water therapy (via cold showers) for over a year and came across Ryan’s Instagram recently when searching for more information on Ice Baths. I ordered an Ice Bath (Oblong 4ft x 2ft) from his website, and it came within 4 days! I have been dipping ever since..

    The customer service was great, and the delivery process was smooth. The tank itself is sturdy with an authentic agriculture feel. To drain the water, there is a drain plug on the side which is easily accessible and easy to open.

    Thanks Ryan and Urban Ice Tribe!

  2. Ali cribb

    I got my ice tank for my birthday have used it every day since
    Good sturdy tank made of steel
    Well finished
    Love it

  3. Will L (verified owner)

    Tub arrived very quickly and was spot on from the outset. Easy to set up and perfect for the post workout chill down. I use it every day after a workout.

    Ryan and the team have some really good information and are always on hand to answer any questions. Just wish I lived closer so I could join in with the community dip.

  4. Leanne R

    Best decision I ever made purchasing the Ice Bath. Ryan and his team have offered such great service and answered any questions I had. Delivery was seamless. The tank itself is great quality … I just wish I started my cold water journey sooner! Great product, Great people !!

  5. Jan Carstensen (verified owner)

    Been using my tub for a while now and couldn’t be happier, at least I thought I couldn’t until the cover arrived.
    Keeps the water clean and gives it that professional look

  6. Cherie McNiven

    Quick delivery and great service. The ice bath is perfect and well made. The whole family has been giving it a try!
    The cover is also a great fit and keeps it nice and clean.

  7. Lucy (verified owner)

    As soon as I seen this Ice Bath … I HAD to be an owner! Communication has been ace, really pleasant guy to deal with and after ordering, delivered and used it already – only 4 days later 🧊 🛁
    Can’t recommend it Enough! Best dip yet!

  8. Stuart (verified owner)

    This Stock Tank is brilliant and sits well next to my sauna! Ryan was really help answering my questions and supplied an option to have a cover which is also well made. If you looking for an ice bath Urban Ice Tribe is the right place to be!

    – Great products (Five Stars)
    – Very Good Customer Service
    – Fast Delivery

  9. Stuart M (verified owner)

    Opted for the 5ft stock tank (with a cover and filtration system). Ryan’s communications throughout the transaction was excellent and advice considered. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and the Urban Ice Tribe team if interested in an ice bath and the journey. My whole family have been in the tank to date, although we haven’t yet gone below 10C! All the best.

  10. Zoe Harris (verified owner)

    Ryan and the team have been spot on since day one, always happy to offer advice when needed.
    Tank & cover came super quick and set up was simple. Been loving the ice baths and it’s benefits! Thanks guys!

  11. Mrs Kerry Lyn Rutland (verified owner)

    Bought as a gift for my husband due to the benefits it has on his joints , muscles post training and the peaceful nights sleep afterwards. He goes in first thing in a morning for the reviving and alertness he gains from just a few minutes daily. Great product, durable, pleasing design and various size options to suit. One of the best purchases I’ve made this year. Struggled to choose the right size cover and my concerns were resolved with help and support via Facebook Messenger straight away. Well done and thank you!

  12. Tony

    Ryan and the team at Urban Ice Tribe have been brilliant from start to finish. Went for the 5 foot Ice tub, highly recommend the cover as I didn’t get one at first and noticed leaves, insects and dirt was getting in over night. Overall had an excellent experience and can’t thank them enough.

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