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Ice Bath Wedge & Filter Bundle

We’re thrilled to introduce our Exclusive Ice Bath & The Wedge Temperature Control & Aqua Filter Bundle.

Our state-of-the-art steel ice bath, combined with the cutting-edge Wedge Temp Control and Aqua Filter, puts the power in your hands to create the ultimate ice bath setup. This unique combination seamlessly integrates high-performance, durability, and superior comfort.

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Steel Ice Baths

More than just a cold plunge; they are a passport to revitalization,

a path to peak performance, and a catalyst for wellness.

Ice Bath

12 Month Warranty

Double Sealed

Easy Draining

4-Ply Locked Seams

48Hour Dispatch Available

Multiple Sizes 3-6ft

Galvanised Steel

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Discover The Benefits of Ice Baths

Ice bath therapy or cold water immersion, involves submerging your body in cold water for a short period. It’s a practice that has been used for centuries to promote healing and well-being, and research suggests it offers a range of potential benefits including:

Immune System





Immerse yourself in wellness with the


❄️ Made from durable galvanized steel stock tanks
❄️ Manufactured in Nebraska, USA
❄️ Improved here in the UK by double sealing & adding our own unique design
❄️ Built for easy draining
❄️ Feature 4-ply locked seams with contained sealant
❄️ Available in multiple sizes from 3ft to 6ft
❄️ Promotes a host of wellness benefits
❄️ Compatible with accessories like covers, temp control unit, filter, etc.
❄️ Ideal for creating a home ice bath setup.


Buy With Confidence

We’re creating a global ice tribe movement to positively impact lives. We offer more than products, we are a community – The Urban Ice Tribe – We offer a 360 degree holistic journey of cold water therapy. When you invest in our products, you also become part of our thriving Community.

The products are developed for a community of people we care about. 

From where our products and their component parts are made to the people and influencers we work with, care is taken with every single element.  

It’s about the people. The community. The experience. 

We truly believe we make the best Ice Bath products available and we back that up with a risk-free 30 Day Returns guarantee and 18 Month Warranty on all of our Steel Ice Baths. 

We want our customers to have the best experience and we pride ourselves on supporting our Tribe, we’re here to support you and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. 

You can contact us via our online chat, by phone or email. Our team will be happy to assist you. 

Unleash the Power of the Cold with our

Premium Steel Ice Baths

Step into the invigorating chill of our steel ice baths and discover the ultimate way to recharge your body and mind. Order yours today and embark on a refreshing journey to wellness!

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  • Avatar


    The best investment!

    Ive tried many tubs over the years and Urban Ice Tribe is by far the best of the best. Not only the quality of the tub but also the team, and the vision behind the business are so authentic and powerful.

    Very happy that I stumbled across Urban Ice Tribe as it’s a staple in my morning routine now!!

    Couldn’t recommend more!

    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    Best investment I’ve made for myself

    I decided to invest in one of these baths on the back of attending a men’s retreat.
    I’d seen the ‘pop up’ ones but I wanted something sturdy that would survive all weather.

    I spoke to Ryan beforehand and he was extremely helpful and then I opted for the 4ft bath.

    It arrived and it’s been in my back garden for just short of two years. I dip daily and clean it once a month.

    It’s been a fantastic investment. The service has been excellent and I highly recommend anyone who’s ready to start cold bathing to invest in one of these baths.

    In fact 2 of my fiends also bought a bath from Urban Ice Tribe on my recommendation.

  • Avatar


    Ice bath

    Absolutely love my ice bath and would be lost without it now.
    Delivery was fast and tub qas perfect 👌

  • Avatar

    Dan Naylor

    5ft Stock Tank

    These things are meant to last and are probably the best way to experience cold water therapy at home.
    Looks great in the garden too.
    I use this every day as part of my morning ritual.
    The 5ft is a great size, big enough for 2 with ease, or 3 at a push (sit sideways)
    Great comms and delivery from Ryan and the urban_ice_tribe crew.

  • Avatar


    I love it! I bought it 4 months ago & it’s still in perfect condition. As well as being great for ice baths, it makes a great outdoor hot bath. I only have a shower in my bathroom so I plumbed a hot water tap outside & now have wonderful hot baths in the fresh air, under the stars, with a cold glass of wine.
    I’m glad I got the long one as It’s large enough for me to lie flat in & totally relax, as well as having plenty of room for doing in water exercises to ease my back pain. It takes up less room than the inflatable hot tub I had previously & looks much more stylish. I only wish i’d bought one sooner! Thanks Urban Ice Tribe for supplying it. It’s the best thing I bought this year.

    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    Great customer service from Michael, helped with size and advised what would be best for my height and requirements. Great products, service and easy communication, 10/10!

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Samuel Archer

    Great quality. Looks good in garden. Kids who are ages between 9-12 and play academy football love it. I’ve been in this morning age 45, joints and injuries feel better, mood lifted – I’m ready to play vets football

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Stephen Green

    After years of using inflatable or pop-up icebaths, the move to the stock tank has been brilliant. It is sturdy, high quality and looks the part. Ordering and delivery was easy and comms were good throughout.

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Rachel and Ron Scheffer

    We are really pleased with our stock tank. I will be honest when it arrived I was worried it was going to be too small. It is perfect! We got the 4ft by 2ft and it works perfectly for both my husband (6ft 4″) and myself (5f 4″).

    We went away for two days this week and I actually missed not dipping.

    We love it and it is a way of life we can see continuing.

    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    Ryan and the team at Urban Ice Tribe have been brilliant from start to finish. Went for the 5 foot Ice tub, highly recommend the cover as I didn’t get one at first and noticed leaves, insects and dirt was getting in over night. Overall had an excellent experience and can’t thank them enough.

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Mrs Kerry Lyn Rutland

    Bought as a gift for my husband due to the benefits it has on his joints , muscles post training and the peaceful nights sleep afterwards. He goes in first thing in a morning for the reviving and alertness he gains from just a few minutes daily. Great product, durable, pleasing design and various size options to suit. One of the best purchases I’ve made this year. Struggled to choose the right size cover and my concerns were resolved with help and support via Facebook Messenger straight away. Well done and thank you!

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Zoe Harris

    Ryan and the team have been spot on since day one, always happy to offer advice when needed.
    Tank & cover came super quick and set up was simple. Been loving the ice baths and it’s benefits! Thanks guys!

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Stuart M

    Opted for the 5ft stock tank (with a cover and filtration system). Ryan’s communications throughout the transaction was excellent and advice considered. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and the Urban Ice Tribe team if interested in an ice bath and the journey. My whole family have been in the tank to date, although we haven’t yet gone below 10C! All the best.

    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    This Stock Tank is brilliant and sits well next to my sauna! Ryan was really help answering my questions and supplied an option to have a cover which is also well made. If you looking for an ice bath Urban Ice Tribe is the right place to be!

    – Great products (Five Stars)
    – Very Good Customer Service
    – Fast Delivery

    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    As soon as I seen this Ice Bath … I HAD to be an owner! Communication has been ace, really pleasant guy to deal with and after ordering, delivered and used it already – only 4 days later 🧊 🛁
    Can’t recommend it Enough! Best dip yet!

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Cherie McNiven

    Quick delivery and great service. The ice bath is perfect and well made. The whole family has been giving it a try!
    The cover is also a great fit and keeps it nice and clean.

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Jan Carstensen

    Been using my tub for a while now and couldn’t be happier, at least I thought I couldn’t until the cover arrived.
    Keeps the water clean and gives it that professional look

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Leanne R

    Best decision I ever made purchasing the Ice Bath. Ryan and his team have offered such great service and answered any questions I had. Delivery was seamless. The tank itself is great quality … I just wish I started my cold water journey sooner! Great product, Great people !!

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Will L

    Tub arrived very quickly and was spot on from the outset. Easy to set up and perfect for the post workout chill down. I use it every day after a workout.

    Ryan and the team have some really good information and are always on hand to answer any questions. Just wish I lived closer so I could join in with the community dip.

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Ali cribb

    I got my ice tank for my birthday have used it every day since
    Good sturdy tank made of steel
    Well finished
    Love it

    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Mo P

    I have been practicing cold water therapy (via cold showers) for over a year and came across Ryan’s Instagram recently when searching for more information on Ice Baths. I ordered an Ice Bath (Oblong 4ft x 2ft) from his website, and it came within 4 days! I have been dipping ever since..

    The customer service was great, and the delivery process was smooth. The tank itself is sturdy with an authentic agriculture feel. To drain the water, there is a drain plug on the side which is easily accessible and easy to open.

    Thanks Ryan and Urban Ice Tribe!

    Verified Review

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