Becoming The Best Version Of You

You can’t go back to change the beginning

Becoming The Best Version Of You

Whatever you want to achieve in life, the self discovery process will maximise your hopes of success. Better still, the self discovery journey is one that should make you happier too. Now is the time to find your true self in style.

The Awakening: It’s You Versus You On The PRocess Of Self Discovery

As a society, we are far unhappier than we should be. And most experts agree that feelings of failure are often linked to comparisons. As VeryWellMind explains: “we compare our regular lives with other people’s curated best memories”, which means we will always perceive ourselves to be doing worse than we are and others to be doing better. It’s hardly a new problem but has become significantly worse in recent years as social media encourages most people to make comparisons with our friends, favourite celebrities, and influencers.

The first step on the road to self discovery, then, is the realization that another person’s success or speed of development doesn’t impact your individual situation. As such, it shouldn’t impact your feelings or psychology. Having the self awareness to focus solely on your personal journey will lead you to find the smoothest route to the intended destination without the threat of distractions. 

For the sake of your emotions, psychology, and future joy, it is vital that you realize the need to support yourself with a personalized approach. After all, the clue is in the title as self discovery should be about the self. when it is, you’ll notice that it helps define you as a person to unlock greater health and balance.

Defining Your Success Through Self Awareness And Self Discovery

We all want to be successful in life, even if only 8% of people actually achieve their goals. However, success can take many forms, and you need to consider exactly what it is that will lead you to happiness. Only then can you take on new challenges or develop the new skill or talent to discover your true self and become who you are meant to be. At this stage of self discovery, it is advised that you sit down to ponder the following questions;

  • How important is a good salary, sense of power, or feeling that my work makes a difference?

  • Do I need a sense of flexibility to make me happier in daily life and the self discovery process?

  • Are personal goals, family goals, friends, or career goals the most important thing in my life?

  • What does my vision of happiness at home and work look like?

  • Is there a timescale in my mind of when I would like to hit certain milestones during the process of self discovery?

  • Are there any issues negatively affecting your personal values, mental safe space, and bid for inner peace?

  • How will my personality, consciousness, and nature impact my journey to finding the true self.

While setting objectives transcends the business world, it is a good place to begin the process of self reflection to see the importance of defining success and making suitable preparations. Entrepreneurs who write business plans are 16% more likely to succeed. Similarly, thinking about what your own story and what you want on a personal sense will subsequently encourage you to consider the process ahead. This tunnel vision approach can be the catalyst that allows you to achieve self consciousness and become who you are meant to be in life.

Self discovery is something we can all utilize at every stage of life to discover the true self and realize what we acutally want from life in the present moment and long term future. But if you want to discover the real you, you will need a clear strategy.



4 Tips To Complete The Self Discovery Process

Self awareness must be paired with a dedicated strategy on how to unlock your true self and build the future that you deserve. Your consciousness on creating a comprehensive strategy will make all the difference for both immediate and long term objectives on a deeper level. While the pursuit of self improvement shoudl focus heavily on your personal values, we can all benefit from several features. While they will all require a personal twist, the following four are essential for the journey of self discovery in the modern world.

Stop Restricting Your True Self

Emotions play a huge role in our lives and low self esteem is an issue that affects 85% of people worldwide. Unsurprisingly, then, limiting beliefs is often the biggest obstacle standing between the current self and the person that people want to be. Whether it’s saying “I can’t achieve that goal” or “I should set a more modest target”, capping your dreams before taking the first step can only have negative impacts on the present moment and future self.

Pretty much every successful person you can think of was able to achieve it because they used self discovery to break down doors rather than allow them to be slammed in their faces. When optimism is met with passion and repetition of doing the right things, you can accomplish your aims in all aspects of life. Moreover, removing the thoughts that currently hold you back will help you discover your true self and become who you are meant to be.

In short, your new life starts with actually allowing yourself to unclok the best version of it with the help of self discovery and the answers it brings.


Address Past Mistakes To Become The Real You

The fact that becoming your true self is high on your agenda suggests that you’re not 100% happy with the way things currently are or the person you’ve become. However, just as we are all capable of falling away from the best path in life, we are all capable of getting back on track through the power of self discovery.

Feelings of regret and dwelling on the past can spell disaster. The self discovery journey must, therefore, target those negative thoughts to help you create a fresh start and find the necessary answers to improve your world. Peer reviewed studies shows that negative feelings have increased dramatically around the world since 2010. While some factors are beyond your control, it is imperative that you take accountability and learn to actively raise the bar on your thoughts and actions to find the real you.

Addressing past mistakes can be as simple as quitting a bad or restrictive habit. If, for example, you find that you allow bad influencers to distract you, cutting those ties can set you free. Sometimes in life, it is necessary to think about the self, even if it means making tough decisions. Perhaps more importnatly, you must learn to let go of the past and let the self heal.

When those issues no longer distract you, it will be far easier to stay focused on the core values that will unlock the real you. This level of self awareness in relation to what steps are needed to let you focus solely on the tasks at hand. And as you continue to make progress, your sense of self confidence levels should soar too. The added sense of analysis can also encourage you to consider ideas like commitment therapy, which will alter your mindset and approach to life.

Without addressing the issues fast, you will find that the negative thoughts continue to hold you back in your career, free time, time spent with friends, relationships, et al.

Achieve Self Discovery By Changing Daily Rituals

As already mentioned, consistency is king in any life goal. This is particularly true for the self discovery process and becoming our true selves. If you want to truly invest in the self, habitual upgrades are essential. If nothing else, gaining control of small daily rituals can seem far less daunting than taking on a major challenge. It won’t limit your consciousness if those steps are about putting the right foundations in place. With this in mind, finding ways to be happier should be a priority as you embark on the process of self reflection.

Regaining control of your weight, fitness, or work-life balance can become the core values to spearhead your continued process of self discovery. It’ll boost your confidence while also potentially aiding your energy levels and mood. Conversely, when small daily issues cause disruption in your life, your chances of getting your emotions, confidence, and life habits under control are zero.

Besides, challenging yourself on a daily basis promotes the consistency needed on your road to self discovery while your new skill can be used to support friends as they look for answers too.

Analyse Your Life Regularly To Continue The Self Discovery Journey 

The self discovery journey isn’t an overnight transformation. Likewise, unlocking your best version isn’t something you can simply check off as completed. It is an ongoing process that requires you to explore your ongoing awareness and knowledge, which is why you must analyse things regularly. Only 12-15% of people are truly self aware, but commitment therapy can help you discover your self while also identifying successes or failures.

This will be key on the route to self discovery, not least because your awakening requires internal processing that can help develop a mental safe space.

It is another reason to be honest as you determine your goals and the intended steps to achieve them. This will allow you to review the situation while also turning “I should” into “I will”. It’ll also allow you to develop a growth mindset for long term success in all aspects of your life. If that doesn’t help you utilize self discovery to become who you are meant to be – and enjoy the rewards gained from it – perhaps nothing will.

Finally, practice makes perfect. Make time for self discovery on a regular basis, and you will soon be free of the issues that have held you back.


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